About Us

Nursace was founded by Nurettin Sabri Çelik in 1994 and leading the sector with 9 domestic and 2 abroad stores reaching up to 11 stores overall. Nursace is growing simultaneously together with World's top-rated global brands by using its advanced technology and power of design, 200.000 pairs of shoes are produced every single year in our 15.000 msq. factory located in Haramidere town of the city of Istanbul.


Nursace believes that sistematic approaches and qualified personnel are the key points for a succesful production and continues its activities by following this principle.


Our Vision

Nursace's vision is to be a Turkish brand that goes beyond borders by offering products to its customers will, products that add colors and comfort to life and create fashion in our global World. With its unique and special collections, the brand marches with safe and huge steps and continues to grow with constancy.

Our Mission

Nursace aims to stabilize its growth, compete with multinational world's leading brands and produce and design trendy shoes in both domestic and international markets. While growing in concordance with the global conditions, to add value to its nation is the main target of Nursace. To produce beyond expectations and offer the best and the most satisfying service to our clients is always a priority for us, therefore, with its efficiency, trustworthiness and sufficiency, Nursace is constantly increasing the amount of value that it gives to its suppliers, clients and co-workers.